Conseil québécois des syndicats universitaires (CQSU)

The Conseil québécois des syndicats universitaire (CQSU) is a group of unions representing teaching assistants, administrative assistants, researchers and research assistants affiliated with the PSAC.


  • Support union action undertaken by PSAC-Quebec university sector locals;
  • Defend and promote professional, economic, cultural and political interests of our members in this sector, and of workers in general;
  • Promote social solidarity, justice, equity, tolerance and sharing to build a fairer society, free from discrimination, oppression and exploitation. Such a society fosters personal growth and respect for the environment;
  • Promote interaction between locals, particularly to share information about proper interpretation and application of collective agreements;
  • Promote consistent bargaining strategies throughout locals to help them achieve their common objectives;
  • Represent locals in dealings with various organizations;
  • Promote union solidarity between CQSU locals and other PSAC locals.
  • Promote union solidarity between CQSU locals and other unions in the Quebec university sector;
  • Unite organizations representing workers in the university sector in a democratic and united setting in order for them to determine common courses of action without infringing on their local sovereignty;
  • Protect the autonomy of universities and their prime mission which is to develop and share knowledge.

Executive officers are :

  • Coordonnateur : Sébastien Paquette 
  • Communications : Marion Duval
  • Secretary : Joel Tremblay
  • Treasurer : Nicolas Rioux

Executive officers are supported by Natalie Rainville and Thioro Gueye, PSAC-Quebec union advisors.