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Alphabetical list of staff in the Montréal and Québec regional offices.

Montréal Regional Office

Telephone : 514-875-7100 or toll-free : 1 800-642-8020

Baby, Marie-Pier, Administrative Assistant, Grievance and Adjudication

Bisson, Sylviane, Administrative Assistant

Bourbeau, Guylaine, Grievance and Adjudication Officer

Doutre, Carlin, Union Advisor

Dubois, Karine, Legal Advisor

Duclervil, Wesney, Union Advisor

Dutka, Christine, Grievance and Adjudication Officer

Fortin, Jean-Michel, Union Advisor

Gueye, Thioro, Union Advisor

Lachapelle, Alain, Union Advisor

Lapierre-Ouellet, Catherine, Union Advisor

Lavoie, Bertrand, Regional Coordinator

Leblanc, Patrick, Regional Political Communications Officer

Leclerc, Cathy, Assistant to the Regional Executive Vice-President

Messier, Jérôme, Regional Organizing Officer

Mundela, Marie-Ange, Secretary

Picard, Magali, Regional Executive Vice-President : 514-875-2690

Renaud, Isabelle, Regional Education Officer

St-Louis, Patrick, Secretary

Vallée-Payette, Jonathan, Union Advisor


Québec Regional Office

Telephone : 418-666-6500 or toll-free : 1-800-566-6530

Beaumont, Lyne, Secretary

Grenier, Nathalie, Administrative Assistant

Ivic, Jovanka, Regional Health and Safety Officer

Pelletier, Normand, Union Advisor

Rainville, Natalie, Union Advisor

Séguin-Tremblay, Maude, Union Advisor