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The PSAC offers a wide range of courses.

Click on the “Education” tab to check out our courses: basic training, advanced training and health and safety.

Thank you for your interest! Contact Isabelle Renaud (renaudi@psac-afpc.com) with any question you might have.

Union courses sign-up sheet

Send your sign-up sheet by fax or mail to the address indicated.

Overview of our program

Our Education Program is based on modern adult education techniques: workshops, role play, case studies, discussion periods, interactive panels, group projects, audio-visual aids, etc. Using these techniques, participants share their experiences, resolve problems and develop strategies for the future.

The Alliance Facilitators’ Network (AFN) is also a vital part of our Education Program.

Education policy

There’s more to organizing than signing membership cards, holding a vote and applying for certification. As a first step, workers choose their union, but the end game is to become an active union member. Through a process of membership development and empowerment, a dynamic, united and democratic union can take root and grow strong. This process is more commonly known as union education.

List of Alliance Facilitators in Quebec

There are many PSAC-Quebec facilitators all over the province. Click on the above link to find the name of facilitators in your region.

Expense policy

Members’ expenses for union education are reimbursed by PSAC-Quebec. 


Minutes of Union Education Committee meetings are available from Isabelle Renaud, regional education officer. She may also be reached by telephone at the Montréal regional office.


December 21, 2017 - 11:37am •
The 2018 union education program in English and French version has finally arrived! It is available below in PDF version. Note that the schedule may change during the year. For this purpose, we refer you to the training section of this site.
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